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Chemical Peel

Post-Treatment Instructions

Chemical Peel Post-Treatment Instructions

Self Neutralizing (Ethanol Based)


Avoid wearing a face covering for the first 24 hours.


Avoid aerobic exercise or vigorous physical activity for the first 48-72 hours.


Avoid direct sunlight exposure immediately following the treatment (including any strong UV light exposure and tanning beds).


Avoid direct sunlight for the duration of the peel. Apply Light Day Sunscreen in the morning. SUN PROTECTION AT ALL TIMES IS VERY IMPORTANT.


Twelve hours after peel has been applied, begin using the POST PEEL KIT.


You may continue normal home regimen after peeling is complete.


You may resume use of retinols 14 days after the peel.                                                                                                        



During the entire healing process, DO NOT apply any type of glycolic acid or exfoliation products as this can severely damage or irritate the skin. (This includes waxing of any facial hair)


DO NOT peel, rub, or scratch your skin at any time, whatsoever. This WILL cause damage and compromise your results as well as possibly cause severe scarring.


After your peel treatment has been applied, it is NORMAL to experience mild itching, swelling, and redness. 

For EXCESSIVE itching, you may apply an OTC Hydrocortisone 1%.

For EXCESSIVE swelling, you may apply a cool ice pack.  Be sure to avoid any water on the skin for the first 12 hours, as this will reactivate the peel, and exacerbate your symptoms.

It is advised to consult your doctor if you experience raised patches, or rash of any kind, as this may be a negative reaction to the peel. 


If you have additional questions or concerns regarding your treatment or post-treatment care, please contact the studio. (Email or Text 508.930.7121)





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